Sasol – “15”

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Here it is.


Surely you’ve heard by now..

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Refinery Joburg completed the post and visual effects for Keith Rose’s recent Sasol rugby spot.

The completed ad will be uploaded later, but here are some  breakdowns of the comps.

Breakdown 1

Breakdown 2

Breakdown 3

Breakdown 4

Breakdown 5


Sony shows off it’s HD credentials

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Here’s a spot by Pleix (think dogs & lasers) showing off Sony HD equipment.  I haven’t managed to find much info on the job, but judging from the studio it looks like it was a blast.

You can see the clip at Blink Productions

Symphony in Red

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Using a combination of live-action plates and post trickery Hamburg based Sehsucht created this spot for Konzerthaus Dortmund.

You can view the full video here.

The connection to your consumer cannot be found

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Westwayne are an Atlanta based advertising agency. I don’t know whether this is their regular website or not, but it beats the hell out of an “under construction” page.

Thursday is Martin De Thurah day

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Carpark North – Human

I haven’t checked out Danish director Martin De Thurah for a while.  His videography includes videos for Royksopp,  Mew, editors and a classic for Carpark North.

Royksopp – What else is there?

More from him can be found here and here

Hitchcock – Basic Film Technique

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How to turn your boring movie into a Hitchcock thriller…

If Hitchcock wrote a book on film making it would look something like this guide.